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EU launches campaign to end gender-based violence

EU launches campaign to end gender-based violence

Eight European countries to participate in diversity campaign during Qatar World Cup


Rafik Soudani

Published in print: Aug 05, 2016


The European Union is teaming up with the United Nations and human rights groups to promote a diversity and inclusion drive during the Qatar World Cup in June.

The European Union will contribute 1 billion euros to the campaign via the Brussels Declaration, said a spokesman for the European Union delegation to the UN Human Rights Council.

The statement came after the European Union’s Special Representative for children and armed conflict, Marjaana Hyvärinen, launched the Campaign on Friday, the deadline for all countries to sign up to a UN pact on ending the practice of gender-based violence.

“In a joint effort with the United Nations, and with support from the EU, the campaign will seek to raise the European Union’s visibility on the issue of gender-based violence,” Hyvärinen said in the speech at the UN.

The campaign will feature a series of initiatives. “We will launch the ‘Campaign for Gender Equality’ to put the EU spotlight on the issue of gender-based violence. ”

„The campaign will also highlight the EU’s values on the prevention of gender-based violence, by raising awareness, by raising awareness of the challenges in respect of gender equality and diversity, by supporting the implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,” she said.

She has also sent a message to the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, through her EU colleague, High Representative Federica Mogherini.

“For me, the main message of this campaign [is] that the EU is committed to the fight against gender-based violence, and thus, it was important that our friends, the United Nations, also join this campaign,” she said.

“We have learned that gender-based violence is one of the five major global health issues that we face. We are committed to work with the UN to address this issue in a coordinated and holistic fashion.”

The EU delegation, led by EU Representative for Children, Baroness

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