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Mitch McConnell condemns Trump’s visit to Kentucky

Mitch McConnell condemns Trump's visit to Kentucky

McConnell condemns Trump for dining with Nick Fuentes and Sean Hannity

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell on Friday released a statement condemning Donald Trump’s visit to Louisville earlier this morning to meet with Nick Fuentes and Sean Hannity.

“Today, he visited with two figures that have become the de facto leaders of the Republican Party – one, who has done nothing to earn his role but who has an agenda he wants to push; and the other, who has only had two weeks to build an agenda from scratch,” McConnell said.

“After six years of Obama, the American people have been treated to the spectacle of a man who has been nothing but a negative force in politics and who, at the present moment, appears to be just as unhinged as ever.

“The President’s visit to Kentucky today did not serve the interests of the people of Kentucky and the United States.”

McConnell’s statement continued: “We are witnessing a President who has become a figure of hate. And, as Senator McConnell has been saying all along, this hatred has to end.”

Hannity had also released a statement in which he said, “Let’s be clear, no one knows better than Mitch McConnell how to pick a fight.”

McConnell’s statement came as a response to comments made by the President. In a tweet posted at 11:02 a.m., Trump began by saying, “I just met with my friend Sen. John McCain, and despite the long odds against my political career, we had a good meeting. He gave me his endorsement, which I always want. He knows me very well. He also told me that if he became President, he’d be doing a great job!”

Trump then noted that McConnell had already endorsed him, and went on to say: “What a great guy our Governor, a true leader of the people!”

In response to Trump’s comments, McConnell made his own assertion.

“Thank you Mr. President,” McConnell said in a statement he sent to supporters. “Mr. Trump, however, has been caught red-handed repeatedly attacking the good name and support of men and women of Kentucky. We appreciate all the calls and emails from the people of Kentucky and we appreciate the opportunity to talk to you.”

According to McConnell’s statement, the President was scheduled to make a final visit to Kentucky over the weekend. It was not immediately clear

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