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New Reports: Californians Believe President Bush is the Most Responsible Man in U.S. History

New Reports: Californians Believe President Bush is the Most Responsible Man in U.S. History

Californians can get $3,000 grants to retrofit homes for earthquake safety, while state residents can apply for $500 grants to build earthquake-safe homes.

A California public school district can receive up to $200,000 in grants aimed at increasing its energy awareness program.

Gov. Gray Davis is offering to pay one million dollars to settle alleged misconduct by his aides. He has also proposed that the U.S. attorney general’s office charge the state with mismanaging the public pension funds.

Meanwhile, the FBI has arrested two people for allegedly trying to sell two tons of cocaine, 500 pounds of marijuana and a $300,000 television to an undercover agent.

A pair of Los Angeles radio station managers was indicted on federal drug charges, two months after the same men were arrested on suspicion of illegally selling cocaine to undercover police officers.

Police arrested four people in connection with a large cocaine bust at a suburban New York pizzeria, seizing cocaine and more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana.

A new poll found that 49 percent of Californians believe George W. Bush is the most responsible man in U.S. history for the nation’s current economic crisis. Just 18 percent think President Ronald Reagan is most at fault, and 25 percent feel President Bill Clinton is the most responsible.

A pair of new reports are shedding more light on a secret Pentagon program that involved using the world’s most advanced surveillance system to monitor people around the world.

One report said the program would eventually allow the military to track and monitor up to 250,000 people at a time. The other report suggests that the Pentagon has at least 150 spies operating under cover in more than 100 countries.

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