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The bodies were found in the Ottawa River

The bodies were found in the Ottawa River

Second body found in Ontario wash after storm swept away about 10 people last week who didn’t make it to shore.

It was the second body discovered in an Ontario lake on Thursday after a massive storm swept over the region.

The body was found in a deep part of the Ottawa River by Ottawa County Search and Rescue volunteers, who were called in after the massive storm swept over the area.

The search team recovered a second body in the Ottawa River on Thursday morning.

“The Ottawa County search and rescue volunteers were amazed by what they found and are working to find more information,” said Chief Warrant Officer Ryan Johnson with Ottawa County Search and Rescue.

The two bodies were spotted in the Ottawa River — a body floated down the river and a body was found on shore.

“They just discovered a submerged car, a submerged vehicle — both of them were in the water,” Chief Johnson said.

“They are working to find out who they are and what they’re doing in the water at that time of evening,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources said they were not tracking if the bodies were from the same vehicle.

“Our crews are taking it very, very seriously, we’ve got to find out what happened to these people,” said Doug Houde, OMAIL director, ministry.

Houde said there is a lot of evidence to determine what happened, but it’s believed the bodies are from the same vehicle.

The ministry said they are working on an investigation, according the province’s news release.

“We are doing what’s necessary, at this point, to support the families in the best way we can, and as a result, we’re having to do some extraordinary things,” Houde said.

He said the ministry would be taking the bodies to their families, and any other information that could be gained from the discovery of the bodies will be shared with family members and officials.

The bodies have been turned over to Ottawa county authorities.

Ottawa County deputies were called out to Waterfowl Point in Ottawa County Saturday morning after a woman who was out kayaking reported having been struck and killed by a car.

Ottawa County Sheriff Chris Brinkley said the incident happened at 10 p.m. when a woman and child were in a kayak and were crossing a bridge when a vehicle ran a red light and struck

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