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The Wounded — A message from a veteran

The Wounded — A message from a veteran

Letters to the Editor: Mr. Trump, please don’t run. The nation needs healing, not you.

Mr. Horsky is a self-admitted fan of the show, with appearances on Fox News and the website “The Donald” (I guess it’s not a real name).

His message to the country is that there is an outside, foreign enemy, the real enemy, and we are his only ally in the war on terrorism. He calls his supporters “patriots,” but does not call himself a American.

He says we need to be united and strong to fight back but doesn’t mention that these “patriots” can be swayed by lies and propaganda.

He says we need a new form of freedom, but hasn’t heard that this form of freedom is only available because we have such an enemy. He says we are the greatest nation because of the greatness of our heritage, but that doesn’t mean it is true.

His attitude of fear over anything bad happening to our children is the worst possible reaction to a terrorist attack I have ever heard.

We need to be scared and fearful because those who are our enemies are trying to kill us every day. How much more do we have to hear from someone who refuses to admit that the enemies he claims to have made his own are not his, but are ours?

We should never forget that the first American war was against British-based terrorists. The second American war was against German-based terrorists.

What Horsky has to say and more can be read at

His opinions are his, but that does not make them right or wrong.


Santa Rosa

How to help the wounded, a message from a veteran

Many of the people wounded in the recent terror attacks are hurting and bleeding. They are going through hell. Many of the people killed were friends of mine, my son and my daughter.

We are asking you to go to and sign an online petition to urge the White House to act. Please urge the U.S. Congress to act to provide adequate funding for the wounded.

We are asking you

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