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Trump’s Immigration Order Will Kill Working Class Families

Trump’s Immigration Order Will Kill Working Class Families

Ronna McDaniel condemns Paul Pelosi attack, criticizes Democratic crime policies

By Robert O’Bannon

30 March 2017

Ronna McDaniel, who is running for a third term as US Senator, denounced Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for her role in the attempt by President Donald Trump to have the US Supreme Court uphold his unprecedented immigration order, which will almost certainly have devastating effects on the working and middle classes of the nation.

On Tuesday, the US supreme court struck down the Trump administration’s decision to halt funding for so-called sanctuary cities, which have not cooperated with efforts by the Obama administration to deport illegal immigrants and other criminals who are in the US illegally, but do not cooperate with state and local authorities to crack down on crime.

Although it is well-known that illegal immigrants commit over three-quarters of all criminal offenses in the US, as well as about 15-20 percent of homicide offenses, state and local authorities are charged with the primary responsibility of enforcing municipal laws that prohibit crimes such as sexual assault, drugs and prostitution, and, as a consequence, have an obligation to take adequate action in the face of these crimes. The sanctuary cities have been unable to exercise this responsibility effectively, at least under the Obama administration. This has resulted in a massive increase in crime, which has risen to levels that are far beyond what would occur “if all illegal immigrants were deported,” according to the US Bureau of Prisons.

On Monday, Speaker Pelosi said: “Today the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty that allowed illegal aliens and convicted criminals to stay, work and build new lives in the U.S.”

She also said: “Americans are outraged and the American people want Congress to act to protect the safety of our communities from dangerous criminal aliens. We should not be giving a free pass to criminals and criminals want to be rewarded with government benefits. Congress should pass a law, now.”

The Obama administration has consistently refused to uphold its obligation to enforce municipal laws against crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants and convicted criminals. This is not surprising, since the Obama administration is dominated by politicians who have been deeply anti-working class and have spent most of their political careers on the right.

Pell, who was raised by an immigrant mother and was a community organizer in Oakland, Calif., also said that “the

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