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Twitter’s “Revolutionary Redesign” Has Been Shut Down

Twitter’s “Revolutionary Redesign” Has Been Shut Down

Twitter cancels developer conference as platform prepares for changes under Musk. Source: YouTube Screenshot: YouTube

A Twitter user who tweeted about Twitter’s upcoming major user experience revamp — what critics have dubbed the “Twitter Revolution” — has apparently been silenced. The user, whose name is still unknown, tweeted about Twitter’s upcoming user experience overhaul for the first time Wednesday afternoon, when his tweet received a very quick response from the company.

“The #TwitterRevolution is in full swing,” the tweet began. It was unclear if the tweet was intended to be a warning or a threat, but as of this article’s publication, it has since been deleted from the site, leading to widespread speculation as to what happened.

“It would seem that Twitter has become quite busy today as they prepare to roll out their new platform in earnest,” tweeted @tweety_nixon, a Twitter user who claims to have been fired from his job working on the platform.

The idea that Twitter might be about to undergo a major user experience overhaul was sparked by a tweet by a tech journalist on Wednesday, who claimed that the company was testing a new chat system and that the company was even planning a “revolutionary redesign.”

A tweet from TechCrunch, which reported the supposed “revolutionary redesign,” has since been deleted from the site. TechCrunch later issued an update, writing that “tech journalist @dannymaz said he is ‘seriously concerned’ that Twitter will be undergoing a new redesign and may be laying off tens of thousands of employees, despite making a series of changes in an attempt to ‘modernize’ and ‘open up’ the site.”

“I have been let go from @twitter today,” wrote an employee who had earlier tweeted about the plan to roll out a new platform, saying he would be helping to create the product that would replace the current system in preparation for the “revolutionary redesign” that was being talked about. He also said that “a

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