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The Travel Vlogger Is Taking Travel to the Next Level

The Travel Vlogger Is Taking Travel to the Next Level

How you can tell it’s fall in L.A., according to a guy from Vermont

If you’re in L.A. on a Monday and it’s not October—there’s a good chance your friend’s got an annual holiday fall tradition. He or she has a friend from Vermont who comes in to stay in a rented house while the family is away.

When asked to elaborate, he said, “It’s fall when you go to Vermont. I don’t know what it’s like in California.”

That’s just one example of a new breed of traveler’s tales emerging online.

The stories are being told in a variety of ways, ranging from travel bloggers to travel vloggers. They have a collective goal—promoting tourism on a level that isn’t the norm, but is more inclusive and accepting of new ideas.

The trend has helped propel a new industry in its wake: the travel vlogger, the person who creates content about their travel adventures on the internet and shares it with followers. Their goal is to inspire others in a way that makes their readers fall in love with the destination that has inspired their travel plans.

While the term “vloggers” might seem like a misnomer for many people when they travel, vloggers—also known as content creators—seem to take their mission a little further than most travelers do when it comes to spreading the word.

“I think we’re helping it get out there because people are sharing their ‘I’m going on vacation’ posts, but not too much about their trip,” said Kade Anderson, a travel blogger and author of the book “Crowded: Finding Fulfillment in a World of Overwhelm.” “We’re doing a service for travel. They’re just taking it to the next level.”

People like Kade Anderson are the tip of the iceberg in a global trend: the travel vlogger.

It’s a new age in travel

The vlogger has existed for years—people have blogs where they share their experiences on places they go, and people have created vlogs on YouTube. But the concept of a travel vlogger is new.

“Travel bloggers have been doing it for years, but since the rise of the internet, travel vloggers are doing it today,” said Anderson.


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